Education Goal

SMMS is a co-educational English medium public school that attempts at the total upliftment of the mental, physical and spiritual qualities of children by carrying for their academic as well as human excellence. Our commitment is to introduce well balanced integrated personalities to the avenues tomorrow. We attempts to provide our students with opportunities for self expressions innovations, initiative, a context for experimentation and experience blended with an understanding of traditional values, the respect for individual & hence they will to face the world in all its vicissitudes and contingencies.
Values & Ethics
Salvaging the Indian social culture environment form the no-slanght of moral decadence is one of the primary concerns at our institution. The stress on nurturing Indian sanskaras in palpable in SMMS and thus we are becoming a centre of value education at the global level. Dignitaries grace the campus with their potent moral and spritutnal views that linger on and are subsequently reinforced by activities like haven the recitation of shlokas, harmonious celebration of festive occasions they like.
Developing Aestheticacumen
As it is our mission to turn out well balanced personalities we seek to provide a wonderful blend of curricular & extracurricular activities of students also enhance their talents through myriad hobby clubs. The system of four houses engenders spirit of healthy competition in the children.