Game in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. It develops all necessary learning skills.


Our activities will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.


Our center provides many educational activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn when playing.

Welcome To Sutara Mehi Mission School

SUTARA MEHI MISSION SCHOOL Sureshwar Nagar Kursela is the first in the chain of educational Institutions established by the educational trust created by the profound vision & ingenuity of P.K. Singh.
SMMS today is also an assembly of educational institutes creating the way to achieve success in several fields. The founder president P.K. Singh is unmated for offering the best educational opportunities at the SMMS & Steers the institutions towards the ideal of excellence & quality education. His patronage, guidance & innovative drive are palpable in every feet of the school.

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